If I were a cloud…

If I were a cloud I would follow you around. I would rain on you wherever you went. I would let you see the sun now and again, so you wouldn’t miss it too much, but I would shade it when I thought you had enough. When you went inside I would fly away and do good deeds; water flower beds and fill up bird baths… but I would have my cloud friends tell me when you came back outside so I could fly back to you. At night I would curl up on the roof of your house and wait.

First you would find me curious and intriguing. You would like to find an answer to the phenomena that was me. Then I would scare you. You would think me the proof something was wrong with the world. Then you would hate me. You would curse me. You would cry and scream. You would wish me to hell. I would stay. In the end you would resign. You would think that this is life now. My life is a cloud. Then you would slowly start liking me. You would take comfort in the consistency. You would think that this might be a pain, but at least it makes me special. No one else has their own cloud. No one else has a cloud snuggled up at the roof of their house every night. You would think – I love my cloud!

The next morning I’d be gone.


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